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Exploring the Stock Brokers and Investment Scene in North Korea

As North Korea is a closed, authoritarian state, the stock market is controlled solely by the government and its guidance. There are no independent stockbrokers or financial institutions operating in the country. The government uses the stock market as a means to fund state-owned enterprises, and the market is not accessible to individual investors.

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Stock Brokers in North Korea

North Korea's stock exchange is not open to foreign investors. The small number of domestic investors are tightly regulated by the state and are limited in the investment opportunities available to them.

The Pyongyang Stock Exchange

The Pyongyang Stock Exchange is the only stock exchange in North Korea, and it is run by the state-owned Korea Stock Exchange. Shares traded on the exchange are limited to local corporations, such as state-owned enterprises.

Restrictions and Regulations

Investors in the Pyongyang Stock Exchange are subject to strict regulations and controls. The government regulates the flow of capital into and out of the country, as well as the types of investments that are allowed. There are severe penalties for violating these regulations in North Korea.


Investing in North Korea's stock market is an option that is not available to most international investors. The Pyongyang Stock Exchange remains tightly controlled and is limited to domestic investors and state-owned enterprises.

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